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Diode advertising

Most often today in the outdoor advertising is used in the manufacture of LED information displays “running line”, “exchange rates”, a weather station, and others. This type of advertising is very effective, and allows you to compose a text message advertisement in seconds. This is easily done through the computer or keyboard that is connected to the elementary ustroystvu.Dannye offer will be of interest to banks, gas stations, government agencies and many others. Tickers are realized assembly panel module dimensions 160h320mm. Based on these dimensions, you can roughly calculate the size of the proposed signs. Also consider the case itself ticker (4 cm on each side to the size of the modules)

The use of LEDs in outdoor advertising is widespread, permanent and cheaper diodes increase their brightness attracts them to be used both in price and in kachestvu.V outdoor advertising light diodes channel letters, symbols, is generally carried outLED line or LED clusters. With its high light outputLEDs provide a uniform illumination of the letters, and low power consumption, compared with neon signs makes such advertising more attractive cost.