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The most popular form of execution signage and other types of outdoor advertising. Advertising light boxes have been used in various fields of outdoor advertising, they form the basis of corporate advertising facades. They are indispensable in creating a bright and visible indoor and outdoor signage – such advertising is clearly visible at night and very popular to use them as a light menu in restaurants and cafes. 


Currently, this type of outdoor signage has become a high-tech product, collected by standard techniques. That is why the production of light boxes of complex shape and size are no longer a problem for large operators of outdoor advertising.

Light box, or as it is called – Lightbox & nbsp; – is a box, the front panel is translucent, made of acrylic glass. The rear panel carries out structural function (the one mounted fluorescent lamps, LEDs & nbsp; and wiring). The sides of the light boxes may be made of aluminum or a metal profile, a colored dye powder or laminated film. The image is applied to the front of the lightbox using the application of vinyl, or by printing. The main type of illumination on the light box – a fluorescent lamp, & nbsp; the LEDs and neon tubes.