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Neon Advertising

Neon advertising is very popular and is a symbol of night life in big cities. But it is important not only to illuminate signs at night, but also for the decoration of salons, shops and gaming establishments. Very effectively fit into the interior of the office of a large company. Neon firmly won the primacy among the huge variety of lighting outdoor advertising. This is due to the following key advantages::

Efficiency – the brightness and uniformity of the glow of neon signs and attracts the attention of the night, and in daylight. Outdoor advertising using neon forces detain her eyes

Versatility – use of neon provides ample opportunities (neon tubes can be used at high temperatures and under heavy frost).

Cost. Neon tubes are durable operation (10-15 years ), consume a small amount of power, good resistance to the external environment.

The beauty and diversity. Neon tubes are available in a wide range of colors, they can be used in combination with other materials, used as outdoor advertising independent or as part of an advertising structure complicated.

The beauty and diversityNeon tubes are available in a wide range of colors, they can be used in combination with other materialsused as outdoor advertising independent or as part of an advertising structure complicated.

The use in the manufacture of neon signs only high-quality components (made in USA, Italy) provides proper brightness and durability of products volumetric letters, neon open and interior neon signs.