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This two-way (at least – sided) box, consisting of a metal (steel) frame, aluminum profiles, sheets of plexiglass and illumination. It is used on the streets (City + format scrollers) and in a variety of areas (interior). Regardless of the type of static and placed inside one or more posters. Advantages of using pylons consist in the fact that they are durable, tolerate any weather, allow to convey information “eye-level” and easy to operate.

It is often possible to meet the advertising pylons near the cinema building, they hung out posters, posters of films, which at the moment are at the box office . Effective use and next to the crowded places, for example, at bus stops or subway – when a potential customer is waiting for public transport or a meeting in his field of vision definitely gets an advertisement, which is located in the pylon. Most often exactly what is expected of it, and people just exploring. As such constructions are installed in office buildings, and shopping malls.

Bright, drew the attention of the advertising business pylon positioned its owner, supports the client in the eyes of a positive image of a reliable and stable partner. Advertising pylon is not limited by any rigid framework in form, color, size. Exterior advertising pylon and its content fully depends on your needs and fantasies.

Replacement material in advertising pylon depends on its design, many pylons are equipped with a special roller mechanism (scrollers), allowing a maximum of 12 posters. Posters are mounted on the clamps. Illumination is carried out at the pylon fluorescent lamps, which increase the effectiveness of advertising in the evening and at night. Pylon damage is not so simple – a solid Plexiglas poorly to outside influence, and a rubber or silicone sealing tape is moisture inside the pylon